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Proraso Sensitive Shave Cream Tube


Is it produced with the "hot saponification" process. and subjected to a maturation period of 3 days. An extremely fine, thick and creamy soap is obtained, which with the help of the brush transforms in an instant into a soft and compact foam. Ideal for delicate skin, it protects like an invisible shield, avoiding annoying redness.


Its formula, ideal for delicate skin, is enriched with Oat Extract and Green Tea, guarantees an emollient and soothing effect. It is ideal for a calming action of redness due to shaving.


Moisten the Proraso brush with warm water. Place about 2 cm of soap between the bristles of the brush and massage your face with circular movements. In a few moments, the soap transforms into a creamy and compact foam that will soften all types of beards making shaving a pleasant daily habit.

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